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Saturday, December 22, 2012

4 Easy Principles: How To Make Money With Hotfile

Hotfile is a great file hosting site. Not only do they offer you virtual storage at a low yearly fee but if you become a premium member, you also have the option of making some extra money. How it works is you upload a file to Hotfile and share it. The amount you get paid depends on a few factors such as your rank and file size. Hotfile has paid out many people and the minimum payout request is only $15. Sounds easy right? Well, yes and no. The concept of making money with Hotfile is easy but most people don't plan ahead and fail. In order to make some decent money on Hotfile, you need to follow a few of my principles. 

Before you begin, start by signing up for Hotfile here if you haven't already. My principles are easy to remember. I use the accronym "PORN". It's a fitting accronym. P stands for "Promotion". O stands for "Organization". R stands for "Referrals". And N stands for "Niche".

In order to make money with Hotfile you need to promote your uploads. Hotfile is different. In order to protect your file's confidentiality, they do no index it on a search engine. This means whatever you upload cannot be search for and cannot be crawled by Google. This is good for privacy but this also means you have do do some work promoting your uploads. Be careful about appearing like a spammer. Do go to blogs and link your uploads because they will almost certainly be marked as spam and your efforts will be wasted.

Organization is the key to a successful Hotfile campaign. Have similar files grouped into the same folder. The biggest mistake people do with promoting their Hotfile uploads is treating their account like one big trash bin. Be organized. Don't upload 1000 random file into your root folder. By doing this, you make it harder for people to download a similar file. Take for example music. Instead of uploading all of your mp3's into the root directory, separate them into folders by artists or genre. When you share a hotfile upload, be sure to throw the folder link also. This offers the downloader similar music he might like also.

Referrals are cool. You tell people how good the service is and have them sign up under your referral code. If they make money, Hotfile will give you 20 percent of what they earn. This does not subtract from your referral's earnings. This is a win-win. Most referrals will only upload a few files or make only a few dollars but if you have a lot of referrals, your 20 percent can add up. Be sure to be honest and helpful. Think about it this way, if your referrals don't make money, you don't make money! Help them out. Take for example my helpful Hotfile articles. Sure there is a likely chance someone would just sign up without using my referral code but I find that if you offer good and genuine help, most people are more than happy to return the favor. Provide help and get rewarded. It's karma.

The last principle to keep in mind for making money on Hotfile is "Niche". Think about your interests. Let's say you are a fan of a celebrity. Let's say you have lots of picture and video clips of said celebrity. Upload it to your Hotfile. Don't forget organization! Go to your usual celebrity gossip forum and share your folder link with like minded fans. Be creative. If you are giving people what they want, you will come off as someone contributing to the web and not a spammer. Be creative. Are you a fan of hip hop? Do the same thing for a hip hop music group or forum. The beauty of building a niche is you can experiment on what people want to download and they will more likely to download multiple files. If I like rock and roll and you give me 2 links to a song and a folder full of random genres, I'll probably just download the song, say thanks and leave. If you build a niche of rock music, I might check out some of your other files.

These are 4 easy principles you should follow if you want to make money with Hotfile. You should be smart enough to read between the lines. RememberP.O.R.N sells. People love it. Thank you for reading! If you haven't already, sign up for Hotfile today!
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