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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Education urges more arts classes at school

Arts play a significant role in education by improving academic success and attendance at school, a British educator told a conference themed “Leading Generation for Creativity” in Ho Chi Minh City .
 A painting class for kindergarten children in Ninh Binh Province
Paul Collard, chief executive of Britain ’s Creativity, Culture and Education organisation, said that drawing, for example helps to develop the observation capacity of children and young people.

Art activities and more creative teaching methods can help students become more creative, independent, confident and interested in learning.

Traditional teaching methods in many countries including Vietnam are often boring and decorticating, according to Collard. Under these methods, learners are not stimulated to be creative, and lose confidence and interest.

For example, studies show that countries with higher math scores on the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), an international comparative survey of 15 year-old, have fewer people who are confident in their entrepreneurial capability. These studies also show that countries with higher science scores on PISA have the higher rate of youth suicide.

Collard urged the use of educative teaching methodologies that could lead to both high-test scores and independently motivates students.

The conference was organised by Thai Ha Books in cooperation with the city’s Creative Art, a centre for children aged 4 to 14. It attracted more than 30 parents, teachers and principals of primary and secondary school in HCM City.
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