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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Government approves student quota cut

The prime minister has agreed to lower the current quota of 450 students for every 10,000 people to between 300 and 350 students by 2020, said a local official.
 Vietnam is targeting an enrolment rate of 350 students per 10,000 people 
According to Deputy Minister of Education and Training Bui Van Ga, under the strategy to develop the network of universities and colleges by 2020, Vietnam is targeting an enrolment rate of 450 students per 10,000 people. Roughly 40% of private universities have been requested to fulfil this goal.
However, most university and colleges are incapable of meeting the target, due to problems such as a shortage of teachers.
Deputy Minister Ga said reducing the quota would help to save costs. It would also to tighten control over the quality of teaching.
The deputy minister earlier said that the Ministry of Education and Training would veto any plans to set up of a new university from now to 2020, adding that a number of universities would have to merge to improve their operations and meet enrolment quotas.
Some analysts have pointed out that the establishment of too many schools, as well as upgrades of colleges into universities has led to the current problem, and that many schools, especially private universities, have been failing to meet their enrolement quotas.
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