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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Windows Blue developer preview confirmed for late June

Now we know why Windows co-chief Tami Reller spent so much time talking about the impending Windows Blue update recently.
Julie Larson-Green, the other Windows co-chief, took to the podium at the Wired Business Conference today to confirm that a developer preview of Windows 8.1—a.k.a. Windows Blue—will be made available during the company's BUILD conference in June, the Verge reports.
Windows 8.1 is an update to the core Windows 8 experience. Microsoft hasn't officially said much about the release, but this morning, the company announced that Blue will be available in final form later this year. Reller followed up with a multi-publication interview binge that strongly hinted a desktop resurgence may be incoming.
Several early builds of Windows Blue have been leaked to the Internet, containing a myriad of improvements to Windows 8,although most of the polishing seen thus far spit-shines the modern UI more than the desktop. The initial build revealed several much-needed additions—such as vastly improved Snap controls, a quadruplet of new apps (seen picture above), and beefed-up PC settings options—along with several smaller tweaks. Subsequent Blue leaks have added more refinements, including enhanced sync settings and a potential modern UI File explorer interface.
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