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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kayak fishing on the De Vong River

There are a number of reasons visitors flock to Hoian, including its lovely beaches, colourful old streets and its unique nighttime charm, but one lesser-known reasons is its peaceful and bountiful rivers.
This small town is home to three large rivers: the Thu Bon, the Truong Giang, and the De Vong, which meet at Cua Dai where they join the sea. River banks here are covered in lush palm forests and are abundant with a wide variety of fish.
A corner of the De Vong River.
Travel agencies in Hoian have begun to take advantage of the beautiful scenery on these rivers to create tours on which visitors can experience the beauty of places such as the Tra Que Vegetable village, Kim Bong Carpentry Village and Thanh Ha Pottery Village.
Or one can rent a kayak for sightseeing or fishing. This is the option I chose on a recent trip to the area. And, indeed, I was quite charmed by the peaceful scenery along the De Vong River, which was easily arranged by the Hoian Beach Resort. 
Visitors on a Kayak tour on the De Vong River.

A young guide, Luong Thanh Tuan, led the way to the dock, just a short distance from the room. The day was clear that morning, and the sun was just rising over the river as we got into our kayak. Even though the early morning scenery was stunning, the divulged a tip - the best time for fishing is the late afternoon and early evening.

While my companion had experience, I was a bit nervous at first, never having been in a kayak before. But the guide was reassuringly helpful, and it took just a bit of time to get used to it.
On the way to the fishing spot, we passed local villages and saw fishermen busy setting their nets, repairing boats or sorting their catch. Lush palm trees accompanied the kayak the length of the trip, bearing ripe fruits. Tuan, who lived by the river, told us that locals use these fruits for decoration during Tet, and to make a different kinds of drinks. He was even so kind as to pick one and give to me for return.
Upon reaching a shady place where the guide was certain there were fish, we stopped... and waited. Sure enough, it was not long before the first bite came. It was a gudgeon. And the guide was right - it was only the first bite of many. The return trip to the hotel came just as the sun was getting strong, and the day hot. The basket was full of fish and our minds full of peace.
Useful information:
- The tour costs VND 435,000/ double kayak / 1 hour and VND 350,000/ single kayak / 1 hour.
- You can also hire a kayak for sightseeing with rental at VND 260,000/ double kayak / 1 hour, and VND  175,000 / single kayak / 1 hour (not inclusive of assistance of the resort’s expert during the trip).
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